new sticks / by jen geigley

Lately, I've been stuck on vintage knitting needles. Especially the plastic ones that come in bright colors. It all started a few months ago when I spotted my friend Melissa knitting a scarf with a pair of robin egg blue needles she had found at a thrift store. They were so pretty and I wanted some so badly.
I looked around quite a bit, and while I love using bamboo needles, I also really like knitting with plastic. (I might be in the minority here, but I like how lightweight they are. And they're not too slippery.) So I started scoping out some colorful vintage needles on the internets, and found this awesome rainbow colored set from a seller in the UK. These are all Bonette and Wimberdar, and most of them have the black button tops.
I bought the chunkier sizes since that's what I use the most. And of course the set I picked had a few needle sets in that awesome light blue color, so now I can be like my friend Melissa. I love the yellow and green, too.
I sanitized and shined them all up, and then slid them into their new home. Knitting tools should make you happy. Color has a way of doing that. And it's super cool to think about who might have used these pairs 30 years ago.