welcome to the dungeon / by jen geigley

New Dare is up! This week, we posted pics of our individual work spaces. The places where we make stuff.
It's kind of fascinating (I think) to see where your friends hang out and work on things, espesh when your friends live far, far away. My little work room is in our basement and it's home to my yarn stash, a super ancient Mac, paints, sewing machine, magazines, books, fabric, paper ... everything. I trash it and then clean it up. Over and over again. It's my hideout where I can stay up late and work without disturbing the rest of the household with my music and/or crafty noise-making. It's also a crazy conglomeration of the weirdest reject furniture from the rest of our house ... college dorm style.

Where do you hang out to work ... or play? (I showed you mine, now show me yours.)