shopping for vintage dresses (with help from long distance friends on Twitter} / by jen geigley

Last Saturday night, I found myself looking at vintage scooter dresses on Etsy. I wanted to find one dress, and of course I found twenty. Which was quite a predicament. So I enlisted the help of a few girls I know (with vintage dress buying expertise) who could definitely help me out. On Twitter! Instant shopping advice. This was awesome. (Our conversation went something like this.)


Thanks to all of my friends' help, I ended up going with this tangerine dress with a geometric pieced skirt. I think it was calling out to my inner graphic design nerd. I just got it in the mail yesterday and haven't had time to figure out the proper accessories, so excuse the odd belt and shoes. And the top is a little big for me but I know a good seamstress and I think it can be fixed. Huge thanks to all my awesome Twitter girls who helped me out in a time of need! {Magics.}