GAP-tastic / by jen geigley

So, if you've been doing a little shopping here and there, you may have spotted a lovely cowl at the Gap that looks something like this.
(photo from
Apparently, it was a popular accessory this season because many stores are sold out (and I believe they're sold out online as well) and anyway, I decided I had to try to re-create it myself. Because it's a totally easy-peasy pattern. It's just a lot of seed stitch.
So I did. (I also may have done a little ... ahem ... research/stitch counting in the store to make sure mine came out pretty close to what theirs looks like.) I love the ginormous blanket-y size of this thing, big enough to go around your neck twice.
If you'd like to make one, too, you can find a free pdf download here. Because it's fun to share. Happy knitting, happy December.  :)