today... / by jen geigley

Doing a little bit of currents (Tina-style) today...
listening: to my B's in iTunes. Bad Religion, Beasties, Beck, Ben Folds, Bjork, Bon Iver, Bright Eyes...
eating: mini Butterfingers and Snickers (thanks to my little trick-or-treater.)
drinking: Pepsi. (yes, candy bars and soda.)
wearing: Converse skinny jeans. striped black and white tee from the Gap. black Vans.
feeling: content. cold. hopeful.
weather: sunny and sorta chilly. 55 degrees with that bright blue fall sky.
wanting: to just sit and knit non-stop. for days. on a couch with my blanket and some coffee.
needing: more sleep, of course.
thinking: about voting tomorrow. the holidays. knitting class. and YGG in kansas city.
enjoying: the gorgeous fall colors in my back yard and Lo doing lots of fingerpainting.
wondering: what's the next thing?

The pic above shows my fall go-to's. My turquoise and gray Moop Market Bag that I love so much. (I've probably washed it fifty times and it still looks good.) My favorite Alpha Industries light jacket that I love wearing before it gets so cold that my Crimptastic is really the only solid and rational choice. One of my cozy hand-knit cowls in midnight blue. My Sharpie pen and my Project Sketchbook moleskine. I have only a couple more months to fill it up.
Currents are such a nice reminder to stop for a minute to take note of what's going on right now. (Lately, I feel like everything is ruthlessly passing me by.) I've been playing catch-up ever since I got back from New York, which is okay, but everyone needs a breather. I've been busy putting my brain to work and filling up my little notebooks with new knitting patterns, and knitting into the wee hours of the morning. I spent Saturday at Market Day, chatting away with Amanda from No Tengo Miedo clay. And I had a little feature in the Iowa Life section of the Des Moines Register yesterday. Life is crazy. But I love the busy-ness. I'm ready to just hang at home tonight, eat our fave deep dish pizza from Felix & Oscar's or grab some noodle bowls at Z'Mariks, and then snuggle in and enjoy some family time. How about you?