happy birthday to the bloggy / by jen geigley

My, how time flies. This is my 500th blog post and the four year birthday of hey! jen renee. Which is just weird. Happy blog birthday to me!

So it seems like a good time to say thanks. Thanks for stopping by, scrolling through or saying hello. I've met so many ridiculously cool people through blogging. I'm grateful for the friendships I've made and the multitude of things I've learned from this creative community. You guys are rad.

Blogging is such a weird thing. I'm not a writer. Sometimes I have no idea why I carry on here. But this place has become my little online home where I can live out loud, share my nerdy hobbies and post pics from the latest concert that I've been to. Whatever ... right?
Now's a great time to say hi if you've never said hi before. No, really. Tell me how you landed here, if you've been reading here awhile or even if it's your first time. Tell me if there's something new that you'd like to see here. Sometimes I check out my recent visitor activity or look at my visitor map and am astonished at the places people come from. Are you a mom, a crafter, a knitter ... a metal head? A metal head who knits and crafts? I like to know these things.  ;)

Whoever you are, thank you for reading. I'll save you some cake.