yarn love + Passion Pit / by jen geigley

This is pretty much the color scheme at my house this fall. Purples, turquoise blues, reds, greeny/blueish stormy grays. I've been indulging and splurging on some extra-luxurious yarn (like Malabrigo and Twinkle) to make some super huge cowls to sell at all of the upcoming craft fairs this fall. It's totally worth it to make things I love and want to wear myself.
I've also been super excited to finally see the newest color additions to one of my most favorite yarns, Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick. I always have to order my favorite colors online (boo) because my local chain stores never carry the colors I want. The first three skeins pictured here are new colors (and I'm in love with all of them.) Cobalt, glacier and eggplant (which looks almost black here, but it's a deep gorgeous plum color.)
Totally unrelated, (although the colors in these pics remind me of the colors in my first yarn photo,) I got the chance to check out Passion Pit at the Val Air Ballroom on Monday night.
I went solo but ended up hanging around some of the scooter gang friends (Jordan, Sarah and Garrett) plus a fellow blogger pal, Stacey from Island Canary. It was a great night of energetic get-up-and-dance tunes with that crazy falsetto that Michael Angelakos is known for. I was curious to see how they'd pull off their radio songs live, so it was a pretty rad show overall. And they surprised us with a cover of 'Dreams' by the Cranberries. Fun stuff. (What have you been up to this week?)