daresx4 / by jen geigley

My dearest Dares ... it's been awhile. I played catch-up one night this week and busted out these babies. (I didn't want to skip out on any of these. They're too good. And seeing everything the other girls made had me jonesing for my paper and glue.) Here's Dare 168, soundtrack to a memory. This one was easy, because I knew I had to find a place to write down all of the songs Lo has been memorizing and belting out while we're in the car. The list is long!
And Dare 168 was such a good jumping-off point that I did another quick page. Kind of by accident. This one was the result of this Polaroid falling out of one of my boxes and directly into my lap. When I saw who was in this pic, I felt a little bit sad. Which to me is usually a sign that you probably shouldn't just shove the pic back into the box. I scanned a copy of the Pola and wrote down some lyrics that had been in my head. 'my fingertips are holding onto the cracks in the foundation. And I know I should let go, but I can't.' I've been saving this sheet of paper for a long time because it reminds me of how the tile looked in that first trailer house that we lived in, the same place where this pic was taken. I remember the tile really well because I think I crawled on that floor a lot. And the trim reminds me of something from one of my mom's dresses that I saw in an old photo once. And it also makes me think of the Berggren Swedish folk art patterns. A little bit. Not the prettiest page, but these little things do a lot for me.
And on to Dare 170, which was Jamaica's swap Dare: Scrap what you WEAR. This girl is amazing. And her paper collection is equally amazing. She put together a bunch of super great papers + letterpress and sent out little packets to each of us Effers, plus several extra participants. We all used what she sent to make stuff like this.

And finally, Dare 170. Where I stand. I had this photo from Renegade Chicago, which I figured would work great for this. I slapped some craziness down and just started writing. Doesn't always make sense, but that's kind of the point sometimes. Let it flow. (I've been knitting so much lately that I had kind of forgotten how much I've been wanting to get shit down on paper. So this felt pretty good to me. If it's been awhile for you, too, I say give it a go. It might feel good for you, too.)