somebody's getting married ... / by jen geigley

Last week, just a few hours after my friend Erin and I had driven home from Chicago, we hopped a plane to fabulous Las Vegas. Lucky me got to accompany Erin and her fiancé, Brian, on their Vegas wedding trip. I went along as a friend, a (wanna-be) photographer, and to run errands or get things or do whatever I could to make things easier. Although I barely had to do a thing ... these two were the most chilled-out about-to-be-married couple ever.
I took a million pics for them, and also had some fun doing their invites for their hometown reception after they had returned. (Which looked like this.)
Once we were in Vegas, these two had to get all the required paperwork filled out for their marriage license. As I waited outside, I spotted this tree ... with hundreds of initials carved into it. And the newest addition reads BH + ER.   :)
We all stayed at the Hard Rock (no, I did not stay in the same room :) ) and Erin had an appointment for some fabulous hair and makeup at the Brannon Hair, right there at the hotel.
After Erin got all gorgeous, we split up to get dressed. (Yup, I wore Converse and a dress.) I came down to the first floor on the elevator to meet up with them, and basically saw this...
Brian got his tux from Atomic Garage, a vintage shop in Des Moines, and it was completely awesome. But there was my friend, Erin. Looking positively beautiful in her wedding dress. (And when I saw her, I started to cry!)
We jumped in the car and headed off to the 'Welcome to Vegas' sign, where their wedding actually took place. (Yup, right there under the sign!) It was just the two of them and their love; solid, genuine and true. You could see it in their faces.  Even through the happy tears, it was clear that these two are completely in love.
After a heartfelt ceremony that was short and sweet, we went to the legendary Neon Museum, a.k.a. The Boneyard.
We had the whole place to ourselves, and we took a lot of photos.
Yup, pretty much the most amazingly fun wedding photos ever. Completely colorful and happy, and totally them. (Want to see more? Here's a set on Flickr.)
We ended the wedding day with a trip down to Fremont Street under the lights and made a stop at our favorite hangout, The Griffin. But it wasn't over ... this was just the beginning of Erin and Brian's new adventures as a couple, a team, a family. I've known these guys since they started dating six years ago, and I could not be more thrilled.
Congratulations, my dear friends.