scraps / by jen geigley

Sheesh, I have so much to share but can't seem to keep up this week! It's 1:30 a.m., I just finished designing a logo for a freelance client, I desperately need to knit, but I think that's gonna have to wait until tomorrow.
I am super anxious to post lots of pics from my weekend in Ohio with six most excellent friends, and I promise ... that's coming soon.
But for now, we've got some new Dareness. Dare 166 is up – papercuts. My papercuts (which hardly qualify) were made in Ohio with a borrowed craft knife, and this page was a quickie. (Hurry up and go check out the other girls' Dares ... Jamaica, Kristi and Tina did some pretty spectacular things for this one.)
Here's another quick page I made while crafting with my friends. Kind of rad to be sitting right next to Vee while I documented a few of my fave memories from our trip to L.A.
And I brought a TON of photos with me to Ohio, so I was freely giving them out to anyone who needed something to do. Mandi made this page with a pic from our adventures last year in Chicago.
And Vee made this page with a couple of photos that Tina took from CHA in January. Super cool to do a little photo swap and put my friends' pages into my scrapbooks at home. (And seriously, those weekend pics are coming soon ... I swear!)