our most excellent adventures in ohio / by jen geigley

A week ago, I was hanging with at this girl's place with six of my long-distance friends. We had such a fun weekend (and Mandi did an excellent job playing hostess!)
I can't tell you how nice it was to catch up with everyone. It just felt good. While we were there, Vanessa found out that she gets to move forth with plans to open her coffee shop in York, PA.
And Mandi got the news that she'll be freelancing as an Apartment Therapy blogger.
I was super lucky to get more face time with super sweet Vee (for the second time this year!) So many good laughs with this girl.
Danielle shared a mattress with me, and was killing it with Real Housewife impressions and her usual fantastic sense of humor. (Miss her so!)
Sweet Steph brought her southern hospitality and made us all breakfast.
Patty, in keeping with tradition, hid in some bushes and kept us laughing all weekend.
(I even got a little knitting done.)We lounged and made ourselves at home in Mandi's lovely new apartment.
We ate at charming Canton/Akron lunch spots, coffee shops and ice cream parlors.
And of course, when you're staying with miss Fine & Dandy herself, you can count on some fabulous thrift store shopping.
Danielle might have single-handedly cleaned out the state of Ohio of milk glass, Vee scored some vintage thread spools and globes, and I think we all found a few treasures. (Some had to ship theirs back home!)Memories were made, we drank quite a bit of sangria, Polaroids were taken, and we even scrapbooked a whole evening away. If only we all lived a little bit closer ...