a-okay! / by jen geigley

Bo and I have a thing for Mid Century Modern stuff. And furniture. And Craigslist. (Sometimes it's good to live in the Midwest.) And one of our most favorite shops in Des Moines is A-Okay Antiques.
We stopped by last weekend to see what was new. This place is just a treat to visit ... there are almost too many wonderful things to see.
Eames + Noguchi.
And so much more ...
Love the Eames pressed plywood shelving unit above. (I can't even begin to list the things in some of these photos that we have had our eye on.)
But my favorite piece of furniture in the whole place is this blue and green George Nelson sofa with the little white table. It's in great shape and the colors are divine ... this would look so incredibly cool in our living room.
This elephant gray leather Eames chair ended up being our score of the day. (Sixty bones!) Like I said, sometimes it is good to live in the Midwest. (Now who is coming to visit?)