alright, it's cool ... 80/35 (part two...) / by jen geigley

Day two, 80/35. Our fam headed downtown at noon to catch the first band of the day, Dawes. (We love Dawes, and got to see them last year on their Daytrotter tour. In a barn.) But anyway, the first thing I'll think of when I remember this year's festival was running into so many friends. We hung out with and caught up with so many friends over the weekend, old and new. It was so great to see everybody!
As soon as we got there, we saw Erin and Brian and their daughter, Stella, who is good pals with Lo.
The girls got to hang for a bit (dodging the rain and eating granola bars) before the show.
And here's Dawes. Which ended up being one of our most favorite performances of the whole festival. They were pretty much amazing.
The girls loved Dawes, too ... maybe because each of their dads play a lot of these songs for them at home. It was a good time.
Next, we braved more rain and went to the main stage to check out Avi Buffalo. (Then it started to rain harder, so we went home for a little break!)
We dropped off little Lotus with the grandparents and then came back to see The Cool Kids. They had some seriously heavy beats going on and they sounded so good. (They're from Chicago and have opened for M.I.A. Loved them.)
Did I mention the rain? We did survive a lot of it throughout the day but it had mostly tapered off that evening. This rainbow (right before The Heavy went onstage) was our reward for making it through the day!
The last band to go on that night was Modest Mouse, and the whole crowd was super stoked. (I have to admit that Bo and I haven't listened to them much ... blame it on our heavy-metal ways. But we really did enjoy them. I'm a big fan of this song in particular.

Hope you had a great Fourth of July weekend – our family is totally spent and we're just looking forward to having a lazy day around the house and chilling out. (Have a good one!)