right now ... / by jen geigley

My lovely friends Tina and Vee posted some sweet little lists over the past couple of days, so I thought I'd jump in and do the same.

listening: William Elliott Whitmore (When Push Comes to Love.) Sleigh Bells (all of Treats.) Spinnerette (Ghetto Love.)

eating: a granola bar

drinking: clementine Izze

wearing: a Star-Wars t-shirt and super dark jeans

feeling: cool and calm and happy to not be outside sweating right now

weather: sunny, extremely humid, 91 degrees (with a thunderstorm on the way)

wanting: a grande coffee frappuccino. with maybe a tiny smidge of caramel on top.

needing: a night out with my dude in the Vespa sidecar. a movie or dinner would be perfect.

thinking: about knitting projects, father's day plans, jury duty, and lots of upcoming summer adventures and trips.

enjoying: lazy afternoons with the kiddo, art projects, and hot sunny days at the wading pool.

wondering: if vending at Renegade in Chicago is in my future (or not) and thinking about a crazy Frank-Lloyd Wright inspired house that we drove by a couple of days ago that's up for sale.
(Passing it on ... your turn.)