A Week in the Life: check. / by jen geigley

It's done! Except for a few pages that I still want to write on.I used a ton of Amy Butler paper (because the colors and bold floral patterns are ridiculously awesome.) And as I've mentioned before, I used a 7 x 9" gray fabric binder (and mini page protectors) from Russel + Hazel.
My opener page was cut from Keri Smith's Non-Planner Datebook and I used lots of pages torn from her book throughout.
So I basically ended up with three types of pages: a journaling page (some of which will be slipped into mini page protectors,) a 5x7" photo, and a multiple photo page.
The multi-photo pages all have a theme, instead of being divided up by the day of the week. There's a food page, a page with photos from around the house, a page devoted to what we wear, etc.
The page protectors will also serve as holders for memorabilia and tags and notes and drawings that I collected during the week. Sorry that I didn't show those here.This was such a fun project to work on and Ali really is the master of great ideas. Reading her blog always gives me a nudge to document the story and the daily a little bit more often. I'm so happy I stuck it out with this project, even though at first glance it seemed a bit daunting. Everything came together so quickly once I had my photos developed, and now I'm just going to transfer the notes I took onto my journaling pages ... and there you have it.

A week in our life.

* If you want to see all of my Week in the Life photos/process on this project, you can find them here.