putting it together / by jen geigley

I used a little bit of free time over the weekend to get started on putting my Week in the Life book together. I pulled out some spring papers to use for my page backgrounds ... Amy Butler florals, American Crafts (I love the blue and white raindrop, cloud and flower prints) and then I cut up a few file folders.
After Jamaica gave me a heads up about Avery page protectors that would fit into my smallish Russel + Hazel binder I accidentally stumbled upon a pack of sleeves at Target! They're the exact size I needed and of course I look at the packaging, and weirdly enough, they're made by Russel + Hazel but I haven't been able to find a link to them online for some reason. I would think they'd be on the Target site or the R+H site, but they're not. Anyway.
Got my 4-up prints back from Shutterfly/Walgreen's one hour pick-up. I know I'm not going to use all of these, but I'll use as many as I can (and I'm printing a few more 5x7 faves.) I cut them all up anyway and so I can throw them in a folder for future use; they'll be easy page starters.
My photo pages will start off looking like this, and then I can write notes or add stuff later.
Some of the facing pages with more writing/less pictures will be ripped out of Keri Smith's Non-Planner Datebook. I love writing on her hand-drawn pages with a black pen ... I just think it looks cool. I'm using Ali's journaling cards as photo backgrounds and also to write on. They ended up being just the right size to frame my little pics (plus they give each page a mini-title.) This project is not even close to being done yet, but it should still be quick to put together and easy to fill in the details. That's the plan, anyway...