birthday memories / by jen geigley

Another year older and wiser. ;)I spent the whole day with this little sweetie, who had just as much fun as I did.There was cake decorating.And surprise guests to spend the day with.Piggy-back rides in the sunshine.Fish to feed.And a mallard in our yard!Actually, two of them!It's so strange. I have a weird thing with ducks hanging out in my yard on my birthday. This has happened before in three different cities that I've lived in. (One time, a female mallard had a whole string of babies with her.)Wishes were made and kisses were blown.
There was lots of swinging in the hammock swing. (But that's a daily occurrence.)
Dinner out with the fam.
Awesome Mongolian stir-fry.And we ended the night with some deliciousness from this place.
What more could a girl ask for? It was a RAD day.