are ... you ... ready!?!?! / by jen geigley

Last night, Bo and I went to see Korn.
If you've read here for awhile, you know that these are our date nights. ;)
This show kicks off a super metal-tastic weekend for me, since tomorrow I'm going to Lazerfest to see Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper and a bunch of other bands. Woohoo, I feel like I'm in high school!
Korn put on a great show, and everyone sounded as gnarly as ever. They're so animated and crazy and exciting to see live.
The last time I saw them was twelve – twelve – years ago during the Family Values Tour in '98, which was such a memorable show. (With Rammstein, Limp Bizkit, Ice Cube and the rest!!!)
Favorite part of the night: the bagpipes for the encore. It just makes your heart beat fast. Back in my glory days, I would have absolutely busted into that pit. Now I'm just grossed out by the sweaty shirtless dudes and I can't bring myself to do it. Plus it was 90 degrees inside Val Air.But in retrospect, I might as well have gotten all crazy at the show because today I flipped my bike on an innocent ride to get some coffee and scraped up my chin. Nice, huh? It was quite the spectacle, since chins tend to bleed a lot and there was blood all over my bike, coat, shoes and the pavement. A nice lady gave me a gardening glove to stop the bleeding for the walk home and the governor's security guys (he lives on our street) started running over to help. Just a little bit embarrassing. But whatever. Happy metal weekend!