more from a week in the life ... / by jen geigley

This is our week so far. For A Week in the Life. The everyday; the soap and the water.
The all-important nail polish color choice.
Naps. She's two for four this week.Knitting ballband dishcloths.Playtime with the modern dollhouse.
Dinner on a rooftop with friends.
Fun snacks.
Tea for two.
This kid has quickly figured out that picture-taking is the name of the game this week.
Running at o-dark thirty four mornings a week. (It's pitch black when I leave and looks like this when I return.)
These two usually look like this once I get home. :)
Off-road unicycle in a Vespa with a sidecar? Not unusual at our house.
Strawberry plants.
Walking on daddy's shoes.Wishes made.
Underdogs, please.
Fueling up the hybrid.
Favorite footwear.
Favorite footwear, part II.
Driving, driving.
Entertainment in the car, singing along with any song I play. Ask her what her favorite band is and this week she'll tell you it's Vampire Weekend.A weekday lunch with my better half.A visit to the library.Favorite pal? A huge plastic bug.How many times do we go to Target in a week?So far ... two.My favorite pesto with snap peas from Z'Mariks.
And Rice Krispies are still just as mesmerizing to her as they were to me when I was little.
So why am I doing this again? I've actually learned a lot. These are some of my most favorite photos that I've taken in awhile. (I'm no photographer, but without really trying, I've captured a lot of daily happenings that I've always wanted to catch but never thought I had time to catch.) I'm loving it. I'm taking way too many pictures. I'm probably driving my family crazy. And I'm looking forward to throwing this all into a book next week and jotting down what it all means. Because someday, I'm not going to be the stay-at-home mom to a three year old with a husband who is teaching unicycling classes. Someday, I might find the life I used to lead ... fascinating.