so, I think this officially makes me a hooker. / by jen geigley

I'm a hooker! (Awww, but not that kind.) Last week, I got to hang with some really cool girls and take a granny square class at Ephemera from Chrissy Jensen. I'm so excited to cross over to the dark side and start crocheting something. So here's my first imperfect but bright granny square, which will hopefully be part of a throw in the near future.

I met Chrissy over the internets + her blog and ran into her at the local craft fairs a couple of years ago. Ever since, I've been dreaming about her amazing granny blankets (pictured above.) She has two Etsy shops – Popsicle Stick (for her crochet amazingness) and So Automatic (fun vintage finds) – that you should totally check out if you have a sec. She also is working on a new project ... an online and bricks and mortar shop called Domestica. (Love the name, love the logo too!)

Switching gears ... because the day after the granny class, I taught session two of my knitting class. I just loved hanging with these ladies, practicing our knits and purls.

Everyone did such an awesome job.

It's so much fun to see what each person in class accomplishes between the two class sessions ... some walk in with piles of finished or near-finished projects.

And there's always lots of laughing, story-telling and joking around by the time we're done. (If you're interested in taking this beginner knitting class at the lovely Ephemera in the East Village, I think there may be a spot or two left in the Feb 25th/March 11th session. If not, there is another session coming up soon after! Email info[at] for details.)