oh word? / by jen geigley

Behold ... the beard hat.

I had promised to knit this hat for Bo awhile ago, and I finished it over the weekend.

If you want to make one too, I used this pattern (but be warned ... you may need to improvise and/or read between the lines a little.) My end result isn't bad for a first try, but I had to do a lot of guesswork and I'm going to change things up if I make one of these again. (You can see my notes on Ravelry if you want right here.)

But I think the yarn color is perfect. (I used Lion Brand Wool Ease chunky in walnut.)

And I'm happy to have finished it in time for the annual Brrrr Ride in Febraury. (That's a local bike ride in the snow/ice, if you were wondering. Don't worry ... it usually involves alcohol.)

Quite handsome, in a Nordic awesome kind of way.