first sweater / by jen geigley

Last November when I was learning how to knit, I made a goal to knit at least one real sweater before the year was up.

So I started knitting this little cotton cardigan for Lotus last month and here it is, all sweater-like. In one piece. With buttons and everything. (You can find the free pattern here or here.)

I bribed my little model with Krispy Kreme before the photo shoot.

And despite the sad look on this face, I promise that she really liked the sweater. And the modeling.

I just wish I had made it one size larger – sadly, I didn't double check the measurements very carefully and it probably won't fit for much longer. But I really don't mind. This was my practice sweater and I've already picked out a new pattern to knit the next one. I can't help it - I'm totally hooked on this hobby.