the jacket / by jen geigley

So, a few posts back I was gushing about the YYYs 'Zero' video and Karen O.'s studded leather jacket. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

Because it's been everywhere. Lucky for me, I have a black leather jacket that I think will work for a DIY version. So I've decided to go for it. But it's definitely going to take a long time.

Mine has a different design on the back than Karen O's, though – I couldn't put her initials on it. Although I guess KO could have stood for 'knock off. ' I didn't quite know how to start, so I looked to the mother of DIY. No, not Martha. The other mother. I'm talking about punk rock.

I'm going the slow and painful route ... best demonstrated here. Using nothing but an x-acto, needle nose pliers, and my fingers. I really think it's the only way that works.

I have to admit that I broke down and bought a Bedazzler after a few nights of finger torture, but the bad reviews are spot on – that thing sucks. (Cheap plastic, doesn't set the prongs correctly, your studs keep falling out... really not a fun experience.) So I returned it. Besides, the hardcore kids have done this by hand since, well, forever. Punks don't Bedazzle, I can assure you. So late at night, I sit on the floor with my Bad Religion playlist and work on the jacket.

Lots of punk jacket inspiration here. No pain, no gain. Get your leather, leather, leather, leather on. (also, happy birthday Dad!)