digits / by jen geigley

Just in time for the 3-2 yesterday, we posted a challenge at the Creative Type that's all about numbers. Which is the perfect opportunity to record an infinite amount of random facts about your life as it is right now. (Yeah, 643 Twitter updates, 244 blog posts? Woah. I can't even tell you when I became that kind of girl. And I didn't even get into my Tumblr stats.) I dare you to play along – you have two weeks to make a page using lots of numbers and link it up here. Go forth.

Also, speaking of Twitter. I am currently taking CZ's microblogging class. It's basically perfect for me. I love to embrace the inner monologue. You scrapbook your Twitter updates. To describe it in 140 characters or less, it's genius.

I had always intended to do something with the 'good' ones (because it really is cool to read back over the past year and see what kind of random stuff I had posted) but sometimes it takes a little push from an pro to actually get me to put it down on paper. Stoked. (Okay, there, Aaron. You said I Twitter about blogging, but asked when I'd blog about Twitter, so here you go.)