say what? / by jen geigley

First off, a couple of pics from Craft Saturday last weekend.

We had such a fun day and we concluded that the rainy weather only affected the turnout in a good way – we had a nice steady crowd the whole day. A big thanks to everyone who came out to see us!

Erin and I always have a great time at C.S. ... and of course we showed up both wearing our gray Converse. We could be twins half the time anyway. But then we both started modeling jersey tube scarves and spoon rings and the whole thing was just kind of awesome. We had to end our day at the Royal Mile for dinner + a beverage before heading home.

This week's challenge at the Creative Type = handwriting analysis! It's cool to find out what the angle of your slant or the pressure of your pen or not dotting your i's says about you. I thought my results were pretty right on. Want to give it a try? You can find tests here and here. Then go make something with what you find out and link it up here.