get out the Sharpie... / by jen geigley

New challenge is up today at The Creative Type. I liked this one a lot – get out your pen or some stamps and write on your photos. See what the rest of the girlies did here... good stuff.

I like this quote... it makes me think of all of the people who leave their mark on you as you grow into the adult you eventually become. Of course I'm totally still getting there.

I smile when I think of my first piano teacher, an elderly neighbor lady (who I'd visit almost daily when I was a kid) who was an amazingly talented painter, my favorite teachers in school, my not-so favorite teachers in school. The girls in my class ... the nice ones and the not-so-nice ones. The boys who broke my heart and my high school art teacher who told me I should major in graphic design when I went to college. The hurt, angst, smiles, cries and friends who have held your hand through it all. The changing and growing and learning and failing and falling. Who was there, and who helped you get here?

PS ... you absolutely must see the stellar photography posts at Work Your Soul. Kim has put together some jaw dropping stuff and you might be inspired to try something new with your photo taking. Go look now... here, here and here! Amazing job, friend.