one year in one book / by jen geigley

When Lotus was born, I had several ideas about what her baby book should look like, what info it would contain, and how I would ever begin to choose which photos to include.

And it wasn't until this week that I finally tackled this project.

Every month for a year, I took a black and white photo of Lo with a calendar page (I used the 2nd day of each month, because her b-day was on the 2nd.) And I wrote a few notes each month to document the many changes, developments and funny stories that can be so quickly forgotten. (Seriously, as I was typing up my notes, I couldn't believe how much everything had changed since she was a newborn and am so thankful I wrote down the little stuff.)

So here's the whole thing...

I kept it sort of simple because the photos and the notes are the best part. I think if CZ saw this, she would be proud of me. This project is up for the challenge at The Creative Type this week. Be sure to check out the rest later today and play along. Sometimes, challenges like this get you motivated to make something you have been wanting to do for a long time. And I say go for it!