Minneapolis, Andrew Bird and okay, Orla, I give in... / by jen geigley

Saturday, I ventured to Minneapolis with Lotus, my friend Jane and her twin girls. We hit up the Mall of Amercia (or as Jane's girls call it, 'The America') and more specifically, Nickelodeon Universe inside the MOA. Mixed in with a little shopping and eating treats.

We had lunch at the very kid-friendly Nickelodeon cafeteria.

Mac and cheese, french fries and hangerbers. (These girls were cracking me up all day.)

Lucky us got to meet SpongeBob and Patrick! Big fans.

And Dora, who the bigger girls loved but totally freaked Lotus out. She's hiding behind her blanket. And I think tears were shed.

And Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers?! Yeah, she was showing her line for Bloomingdales. We had a very fun and crazy day. But we had the best time chatting in the car on the drive up and back. Jane and I go back to third grade, so there are lots of memories and that whole sisterhood type of thing between us. I wish I had a fun pic of the two of us together from our adventure but I regret to say that we totally forgot.

Bo was lucky enough to catch Andrew Bird at Hoyt Sherman on Saturday night. (We returned from Minnesota too late, or I totally would have gone, too!)

What an amazing venue to see him play live. (photos jacked from MetroMix...)

Music lovers around here are waiting patiently to hear the lineup for 80-35 this year. And so far I think everyone is very excited to learn that it will be downtown again.

Last year's show will be tough to beat: The Flaming Lips, Dirty Little Rabbits, Andrew Bird, Ingrid Michaelson and more. The best part is that it's all outdoors and something that you can totally enjoy with your kids.

We brought Lotus last year and sat on a blanket watching The Roots – a good excuse, in my opinion, for keeping her up past bedtime. (Ahhhh, looking at this picture has me longing for summer days...)

Bo discovered the coolest site ever over the weekend. If you're a graphic designer and skateboarder. BoardPusher.

And an update on the snake scarf I knitted for Lo. It has (as I expected) become more of a play-thing than a scarf worn for warmth when going outside. And she has stretched it out quite a bit. But she's so proud to wear it around the house. I might make a another one that's a little shorter. Although this one will last a few years, which is good.

And alright, alright... Orla, you beckoned and I handed over the credit card. I tried to resist. I really did. But the mugs are way fun (love the handles.) And even though the juice glasses aren't made of glass, I fell in love with the colors and picked up a set of four. The patterns just work with this house, what can I say?

Had to grab a couple of the blue dish towels. And the casserole potholder. Which is like a normal potholder but longer and with pockets, so you can put both hands in.

And the apron. I've got a good apron collection going now... some handmade, some Anthro, some vintage, some hand sewn with plans to make more soon from my A is for Apron book. But Orla's made the cut.