longtime sunshine. / by jen geigley

Last night, we got 'Rachel Getting Married' at red box. And I finished stitching up this picnic blanket using Rachel Denbow's instructions from the Red Velvet spring class. It was kind of a Rachel night all around.

X marks the spot. And holds the layers together.

I had been stalking our local fabric stores to see if anyone still had this older Amy Butler print. I love the colors, and the blanket turned out super fun. I can't wait to put it to use. It's too perfect for playing outside, lunch in the back yard, parades, you name it.

I finished knitting this little grey beret last week. It's actually kind of big, but I don't mind because it isn't tight enough to give me hat-head.

We've been able to take advantage of the warmer days, and were happy to take our first walk this season to the park.

I got this rad custom Amy Tangerine t-shirt (it says 'hey!') from super sweet Amy Tan last week. I'm in total love with the stripes.

Bo scored an Ibanez RG350EX Series (with shark tooth inlays) and spent a little time teaching Lo how to use a pick and the whammy bar. I will be playing it, too, I'm sure.

My mom came to town for a visit and we hung out with my aunt.

It feels so great to fill the lungs with fresh air and get out of the house. I'm just dying to break out the flip flops, but it hasn't been quite warm enough. My dad also visited right after my mom did ... lots of playing, lunch at Red Robin, but no pics to share.

We like to hit up the nearby Starbucks after dinner on certain nights when we just need to go do something or want to sit and chat. We get coffee; Lo gets shortbread cookies. And makes herself at home.

The girl loves shopping. And has firm opinions on what is cool, and what is not. She spotted this fabulous SpongeBob hat in Wal-Mart while we were picking up diapers.

And we were not leaving the store without it.

More little girl fashion: this OiLily shirt. Front.

And back. It's too hilarious. Although we're not sure we understand it. (Obey Your Kitty?!)