v-day recap / by jen geigley

Sweet flowers from Bo to us girls. I love green mums.

Giant chocolate chip heart-shaped cookies and the softest snuggliest new pink jim-jams in the universe. Courtesy of grandma Carol. So soft that we let Lotus wear them all day. (No I didn't let her eat the whole cookie.)

Rad Valentine for Bo from Elise's shop. I had the toughest time trying to decide what words to fill in the blanks with. I enlisted the help of some friends who helped me get the ball rolling and then I included some of their ideas inside the card. Ahem... pain to my ass? Foofa to my Brobee? So funny.

Calendar love. For some reason, I forgot to take off the January card until now. Maybe because each month is so pretty and I don't want to say goodbye.

And an almost finished quilt. Yup, I made it through my five week quilting class and here is the not-so-perfect but still pretty cute end result. After I finish hand-sewing the binding to the back, I'm going to throw it in the wash and then I'll give it to Lotus to use in her crib/toddler bed. Sweetness.