it's good to be the birthday girl. / by jen geigley

Last weekend was full of birthday celebrations for our little girlie.

Lotus is officially two years old and if you ask her, she'll tell you.

'I twooo.'

Yo Gabba Gabba was in full effect.

And Bo and I both had our chance to wear the DJ Lance Rock hat and glasses.

And ... the Brobee cake. The proportions came out wrong and I used almost an entire bottle of green food coloring, but he looked the part.

We had two awesome days spent with good friends...

and family.

And our sweet friend Sarah knitted Lotus this amazing Foofa hat! (seriously, how cool is that?)

My baby is two and I really can't believe it. I could go on and on about the day that we brought our brand new baby girl home on an icy cold winter day, and how I whispered in her ear about how excited I was to be her mom; how I couldn't wait to get to know her. It warms our hearts to see family come together for little Lo. It makes me grateful to know we have such caring friends. And so stoked to see all these little pals play and grow up together. I love this.