so much to do! / by jen geigley

Hi all, it's almost Christmas! I have so much on my plate right now (and I wish it was turkey, but it's mostly freelance design work, which is good, but I'm stuffed.) Just don't ask me about the Dewey Decimal System. It's a long story.

But work can't stop me from getting my Christmas on. I've been knitting lots of scarves for gifts. I'm on number five, almost to number six. Totally addicted.

And I mailed some surprise little giftys last week. ;)

Mailed off most of the Christmas cards.

And made cinnamon Christmas ornaments with Lotus.

(don't gag... we're wearing our matching aprons from Anthro...)

The cinnamon dough was super messy but this was the only craft I could think of that Lo could help me make. Besides coloring, which we do all the time and is kind of played. (We'll give these to the grandparents.)

I jacked the recipe from Angie ...

I had remembered making these in girl scouts when I was a kid, and they smell so good.

And I must say, I am so grateful to have such talented friends. My friend Yana came over last Saturday to take some photos and I am blown away by her skills.

She totally captured my kid in all of her shyness and seriousness and silliness. So awesome.

Big news: last night, L peed in the potty chair. I took a picture. She just brought the chair to Bo, he asked if she had to go, she said 'yes' and then she did. We haven't been doing any sort of potty training so this could be a complete fluke, but maybe she's ready.

Random note: we decided that the Eames stamps are frame worthy.

And the new vintage holiday/list-making challenge is up at Work Your Soul!

Go check it for some awesome Christmas eye-candy from our super awesome guest (and one of my fave girls ever) Sandy Pool.