oh my / by jen geigley

Hello, hello December, my friend!

Take a gander at the gloriousness of the December kit from Red Velvet.

Rachel has cooked up some sweet extras this month - printable pdfs that you can use for gift tags, felt ornaments, garlands, or cute additions to your holiday projects. How fun is that?!

As for the rest of the kit... I could eat it up. Five Sassafras papers, Hambly frames and papers, Jenni Bowlin bingo cards and papers, vintage score cards, hand-cut pink felt trees, green gingham oil cloth, green Pink Paislee alphas, vintage score cards and other goodies...ummm, Merry Christmas to you? Yup, I think so. Hurry up and grab yours now.

We have lots of pretty white snow (which totally messed up our Thanksgiving travel plans yesterday) but I do have to admit that it's very festive and at last, it feels right. 'Tis the season.

Which reminds me, today is my little brother's birthday. We always had a tradition of not setting up the tree in our family until after his birthday on December 1st, so it's funny that I still end up doing that now that we're all grown up and out of the house. I'm sure we'll get everything decorated in the next few days. I'm always excited to get started. My talented friend, Yana, is coming over in a couple of weeks to take some family photos so I have to get things looking cute before then.

We have discovered that little L is terrified of Santa this year. It's not very surprising - she's a timid one. And at this age, who can blame her.

The free crayons and coloring book cheered her up, though. She gives the Santa in the coloring book kisses, so she isn't permanently scarred.

We scored some more Eames chairs off Craigslist. And yes, our house is now overrun with chairs but they were honestly such a good deal and we couldn't pass them up. Now we just need an expert to come over and tell us how to arrange our living room seating area. Or we should have a party. Everyone would definitely have a place to sit.

And check out this little end table that we got as part of the deal - it's a cylinder of brick that had been cut out of the historic Brown-Camp loft buildings from downtown Des Moines. Cool.

I have an exciting and busy week ahead with a few surprises on Friday. Fun stuff, busy stuff and then on Saturday, Erin and I will be doing Craft Saturday stuff! Don't miss it - it's this Saturday, December 6th at the Fourth Street Theatre next to Java Joe's downtown, from noon until 7 pm! You'll be able to knock out all the rest of your holiday shopping in one shot - be sure stop by to check out all of the goods. You'll be so happy you did.

If you have a minute, this is quite cute, and I'm not just saying that. It's Lo naming off her Yo Gabba Gabba characters and making them 'dance' on her toy piano. She's saying their names, if you're not familiar with the show ... Muno, Foofa (she re-visits Foofa a few times, ha,) Plex, Brobee, and Toodee. Keep in mind that the child is only one and a half and learning to talk, so you'll have to give her a break on the pronunciations. :)