i'll be fine in 2009... / by jen geigley

Yup, I'm totally putting these out here, so don't laugh. I challenge you, too, to write out your goals for 09. Even if they're crazy and far-fetched.

Here we go...
- write in a journal every day
- take a quilting class
- knit a sweater for Lotus
- break out the paints again and make something cool
- save money
- drink more water
- take Lotus to the Art Center/Science Center more than once a year
- take photography class
- run more
- stop neglecting my guitar/piano
- do 25 sit-ups and push-ups a day
- read 10 books
- cut down on the fast food
- be more adventurous with my wardrobe
- take photos
- document life
- make out with my husband more often


I was all excited to open my fortune cookie from my lunch today, thinking it would contain some meaningful insight into the new year, but it said this: 'You can prosper in the field of medical research.'

That's what you get when you have high hopes for your fortune cookie.

Do you have fantastically fun plans tonight, or are you just hanging at home with beverage in hand? I was kind of hoping to go to Corey Taylor's Dysfunctional NYE. It happens every year; we never go. But we do have some chill kid-friendly plans tonight, which will be perfect. We'll hit up the metal madness next year.

Happy 2009 to you!