hmmm. / by jen geigley

So yes, the new challenge is up right now at The Creative Type. And this has been my favorite so far - use paint to write your words. Any style, any color – just use paint. This is a super fun one to do, so come play along with us! It will surely kick your mojo back into gear if you had you been missing it.

I've been really into my Free People catalogs again. Like I don't just flip through... I stop and analyze.

They're the perfect example of drawing+doodling+fonts and have made me want to mess with my handwriting and try different things.

And as I've said before, I'm taking Elsie's online class right now, and both she and Rachel are such awesome sources of inspiration (especially in the area of painted lettering) so I went ahead and painted the cover of this journal. While I was in the painting mood. It's not crazy beautiful like my Free People examples – just a quickie. The past few days I've just felt like painting on everything, so watch out. (I even attempted to paint L's nails today with light sparkly pink OPI.) This notebook is one of those Greenroom Eco woodgrain lovelies from Target and I really dig the size. And yup, those are lyrics from the Ben Folds/Regina Spektor song. I used that title as a note to self, because I so rarely record things in a journal anymore and it's so therapeutic that I can't wait to get back into it.

Some random pages from my 'Wreck this Journal.' This piece of newsprint is from my hometown paper, and it's about this woman who I used to care for in a nursing home where I worked during high school. It was her 110th birthday this year. And I just thought that was remarkable. It talks about how she had a particular request on each of her birthdays after she turned 100 ... a motorcycle ride, a beer, and she gets two dozen red roses for each year from her grandkids (all of her children are gone.)

This page shouldn't even be here yet, because it's so bare but they're all a work in progress.

Same here. And we need to eat more fruit.

I love pretty leaves. Lotus helped me pick these out.

Grocery lists and a pizza order ticket from our favorite local pizza place, F&O's.

And I had a great night on Friday busting out scrappage with Amy.

Between lots and lots of chatting, I did get a few things done.

And our other friend, Julie, happened to be there too, which was awesome. She was about to go into labor at any minute and I think at one point was timing her contractions. Holy crap. And she has to be the most adorable pregnant person I've ever met, right up until the end. She really is. (Any news yet about Julie+baby?)

Got caught up on a few summer and fall pages for L's book this year.

'Oh my' is one of the things we've been hearing a lot around our house. Like L will throw a toy on the ground, it will make a loud crash, and she'll say 'oh my' in a way that makes her voice crack. Possibly so she won't get into trouble for throwing things due to her ability to be cute. Hmmm.