the weekend is here. / by jen geigley

It's Friday, people, and that means the weekend is finally here. It's going to be a good one. The second challenge at Work Your Soul is up. Go-go-go check it out if you have a minute!

I made a crazy little book documenting our entire San Diego trip this summer. Fifty photos + vintage postcards + the notes I took down in a little notebook while we were in Cali. (So glad I did this because I had forgotten about a lot of stuff since then.)

Yup, that's right. Fifty photos.

Tomorrow morning my friend Yana is picking me up bright and early so we can get our butts downtown for the Race for the Cure. (We're not actually racing, more like walking. And speaking of Yana, you must check out her new photo blog. This girl is talented!) I assembled a team of Y.U.M.s (Young Urban Moms, a local moms' group) this year. And made the logo for our t-shirts for the walk. The final two choices for our slogan were 'support the girls' or 'kicking some A to save the Ts.' :)

This is what we'll be rocking on our t-shirts tomorrow. Because we'll have some kids walking with us and none of us wanted to explain the T&A slogan to the little ones. Funny as it is.

Still getting ready for my class at Get Inspired, and getting so very excited for Metallica this weekend. And on that note, I leave you with this. Courtesy of my friend Amy. Take off your t-shirt, Miss Metallica. Hahaha.