a little handmade notebook tutorial, live shows and more... / by jen geigley

I got my Red Velvet October kit in the mail last weekend and couldn't wait to start making stuff! I became totally giddy when I saw the Hambly birdcage and bicycle papers, and the gray platform Thickers. The color scheme this month is so perfect - yellow, orange, black, red, pink, turquoise mixed with gray!

She loves pumpkins. I mean loves them.

She also loves her vegetables. Eats them up like candy. For now anyway.

And she loves walking - you may recognize these photos from my post about her first steps. Glad I recorded everything from that day on the old bloggy because I totally copied my thoughts from here for this page to put in her book.

Check out the other gorgeous projects over at the RVKC blog (more to come soon) and this month was my turn to post a little tutorial, so go give that a look as well. I made a little hand-bound notebook to keep in my nightstand for all the middle-of-the-night stuff that I always wish I had written down. :)

It's super simple to make and it makes great use of random scrap paper, catalogs, junk mail, or whatever else you have lying around the house. A simple fabric binding and some thread and you've got a cute little jotter. That birdcage paper made such a perfect cover.

Tuesday night, Bo went to see Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. Next week I'm going with Erin to see Against Me! and Ted Leo & the Pharmacists. So excited to go. And funny how all this live music comes in spurts. Now we just have to scrounge up enough $$$ for Metallica tickets for the show later this month. Sigh.

Tonight Bo and I are going to Burn After Reading for our long overdue date night. I already know we'll both enjoy this movie. I mean, really, it's the Coen brothers. Love the poster, too.

And now I need your vote on something very important.

Boot #1 (Latoria)

or Boot #2 (Pricilla)

It's really a question of would I rather have a mid-calf boot or high boot, and $10 price difference. But I can't decide so let me know which one is rocking the most attitude.

And as posted on Twitter:
INFORMATION: Ben Folds has divorced the wife to whom he was married when he wrote The Luckiest. This means the song is A LIE.

Don't forget to stop by and see us tomorrow (Friday) at Work Your Soul! Our very first amazing challenge will knock your socks off. You really won't believe it - mind-blowing, I promise. Your weekend starts here.

Good stuff, fun fall days, boot decisions, and lots of projects to keep me busy. Can't beat it. :D