I heart Leanne / by jen geigley

Dear Leanne,

I love you.

Please win. I know you will. Your wedding dress was divine, the bridesmaid dress was perfection, your collection appears to be killer, and your color palette is dreamy + crisp + full of my fave hues of blue. Go on and womp those other girls. Do this. xo.

I finally got caught up on some missed episodes of PR last night and now I am positive that there is no way that Leanne will not win this season. I have been in love with her all along (how adorable was she when she was lurking around the workroom like a spy on the Diane Von Furstenberg challenge?! And remember in the first episode when she said she thought her fellow contestants will underestimate her because of her quiet demeanor but assured us that she is the “silent fashion assassin?”) It's thrilling to see what she's going to make, I like how she dresses herself, she has such a cute, quiet personality, and she really is the best of the bunch.

And waahh, Kenley... calm down and check yourself before you wreck yourself. Never mind, too late. Check out this extended scene of Kenley's rudeness to the judges (and everyone on earth.) Unless you think she's had enough attention. Then don't.