today... / by jen geigley

Lotus and I woke up this morning and went downtown for the Farmers Market (and to visit our friends at Craft Saturday.) It was a beautiful sunny morning and I know our opportunities to do this kind of thing are fading fast as fall days get closer, so I was glad we went.

L loved the pumpkins and the apples and the music and the dogs/puppies that we saw along the way.

I picked up these retro beauties from friend and crafter Lara while visiting the peeps at Craft Saturday. Just look at the adorable do's on these girls and the glossy sheen to their hair. Sweet. I may have my mom attempt a couple of these tunic dresses for L. Maybe she could wear them over jeans. But mostly I'm just a fan of the illustrations.

Also picked this pin cushion up from Lara - I'd had my eye on it for a long time.

Went on a quickie excursion to Goodwill and found these vintage notebooks with lots of cool yellowed ruled paper. Three different shades, even - red, green and blue. Even the covers are cool. Score. So glad whoever found these didn't throw them out. Nerds like me want them.

Made some progress on my wrecked journal.

And today Lo had one of the cutest outfits on ever, so I had to take a few more pics. (Well, she had different shoes on earlier in the day that weren't quite so neon green+blue. Those were cuter.) Did you know that they make skinny jeans for babies/toddlers? They do. These are from the Gap. Someday she'll look back at the things I made her wear and roll her eyes. But that's just part of a mother-daughter relationship. The agony.

They do accentuate the diaper butt. Still awfully cute.