and so... / by jen geigley

Quick Labor Day weekend recap...

Bo and I went to Kansas City minus the little one and had a great time. We spent a good portion of the day at the Plaza. Where I was majorly drooling over every single damn thing in Anthropologie. Ugh. I'll bring my sleeping bag, just let me move into the store already.

I managed to resist most of my temptations at Anthro, but convinced Bo that I had to get these... (now I shall daydream about me and the L baking cookies together at Christmas... don't gag.)

Spent too much at Paper Source and wanted so much more than I bought.

I can't even talk about it. I had been eyeing these 'inanimate' things for, um, forever... might be years, even.

...but they were out of the 'shit' eraser again. Do they still make the 'shit' eraser?

Found this little dear (and I know that deer is spelled deer) on sale at UOs and decided it was perfect for Lotus' room. And it really is. It looks so great on her wall and she adores it.

Hung out at the Power and Light District downtown. Which we loved. Although I don't quite understand the western girly cut-outs up against the skyline, but they have concerts there (all genres.) We had dinner there and just chilled outside and enjoyed our 'alone-ness.' And I while I could just leave it at that, I must be honest and admit that Bo and I quickly realized that we really missed having little L along for the ride. We like to enjoy the fun stuff with her. She probably wouldn't have made it through the entire day w/o a series of major meltdowns - that is the way children work - food + drink + rest = happy, which can be hard to achieve when you're away from home. But I'm well aware that it was very good for us to get away and necessary to our sanity, and that your foundation as a family has to be rock solid if you want a chance in hell of out-smurfing the 50% chance (or higher) of the d-word. So I'm glad we're working it.

Obsessed with Keri Smith's 'wreck this journal.' It is surely the most exciting thing I have ever owned, I think.

Along with these beauties. The first two are PopInk and the second is a set of 30 postcards by Adrian Tomine. I'm in love.

I joined twitter this week (despite warnings that twitter = crack) and convinced several of my friends to do the same. Because if you're going down, you should absolutely drag your friends with you.

I have a serious addiction to clothes from Free People. I'm even addicted to their catalogs and emails. It's bad and and oh so good.

I had such good intentions with these fat quarters but no solid plans and so I have just been admiring them stacked neatly in my Amy Butler sewing basket.

Luckily, I have embarked on a group project of sorts with Amy, Catherine and Sarah. They have promised to help me through my first (maybe second) sewing project since 7th grade. (Where we only made one tote bag. What kind of home ec class is that anyway? It's not my fault that I suck at sewing.) We shopped for fabric last night and we're using a pattern from my 'A is for apron' book. We'll see how that turns out.
* Group photo to come. Even if mine turns out to be a dish towel.

I also got happy happy overseas happy mail over the weekend. Super sweet, thanks so much girl! With a bonus soundtrack included. Which I've been listening to ever since. (Along with the new Bright Eyes, or Conor Oberst, or whatever.)

Also found the parts to make another mobile like the one I made for L. This pink+brown one is for my friend Jane. Who is giving it to another friend as a baby shower gift. I'm thinking of throwing a couple more out on my Etsy shop if you know anyone who would be interested in something like that.

My 'bio' piece went up on The Creative Type a couple of days ago. (Exit light, enter night. Take my hand...) It was our first official Typist assignment and a fun way to introduce the Design Team. Stay tuned for rad new stuff on Monday - I promise, you'll love what you see.

Go check out kc's new online shop - love the name so much. Of course she's got some pretty amazing stuff out there - letterpress sweetness from Elise, journals, a little bit of night owl and egg press, and even some of my tags from the etsy shop. And lots more. So go!

Thanks for all the kind words in response to my RVKC news. I'm super excited to get the September kit in the mail (fingers crossed) hopefully today!

I can't wait to put all that NEW Sassafrass to good use.

There are still a few September kits for sale in the RVKC etsy shop - hurry up and get one!

Off to hopefully scrap tonight, maybe do Dare 107 and some stuff for The Creative Type... have a great weekend!