just stuff... :) / by jen geigley

We bought the new Slipknot album today and so far, it's pretty sic. When you talk about Slipknot, you have to say 'sic' not 'sick.' It's maggot-speak. When it comes to albums like this, Bo and I always buy the CD instead of downloading from iTunes. It's cooler to own the artwork and the packaging. And the artwork for this one is killer. I keep listening to the songs over and over again. I like it that much. I really do.

And, see that 'I'm a Typist' thing on the right column of my blog? Click on it. (I keep forgetting to post about this.) See, there's this girl, Patty, who lives in New York, and she loves typography (and Yo Gabba Gabba.) She has started a blog called The Creative Type - it's a challenge blog for scrappers, but it's also a community and source of inspiration. There's a big team of us 'typists' over there - and we all love fonts, handwriting, lettering, stamps, letterpress, you name it. It's pretty rad and I'm very excited to be over there. If you haven't had a chance yet, go check it out! Right now, there are tons of projects inspired by old (and new) concert posters. There's some amazing work already, so you can only imagine what's ahead!