Your knits deserve a label / by jen geigley


So ... I've knitted a lot of sweaters over the past few years. And all this time they've been missing something. When I'd throw these sweaters on, nine times out of ten I'd put them on backwards. But I found an easy (and eye-catching) fix. Labels, people. I'm telling you. What a difference a label can make! My sweaters deserved an upgrade and these labels did the trick. You absolutely must check out Dutch Label Shop! (They make it easy.)


Dutch Label Shop is quite possibly my new favorite website. These labels took less than five minutes to design online, and they offer tons of great fonts, colors and graphics to make it incredibly easy to design a label yourself, even if you don't have your own artwork or a logo. And! The price is definitely right. (Read on for a special discount code.)

There are so many things you can do! You can create care/wash instruction tags, size tags, logo tags, hang tags ... anything you want. Maybe you want to add a label to the knits you give as gifts. They could say 'handmade by me' or 'made for you with love' or you could add your name to a label so future generations will know who made that beautiful sweater or blanket or quilt.


So, I know what you're going to say next. 'But I can't sew!' And I will say 'YES you can.' These tags and labels are well-made and incredibly easy to sew on. I took out a needle and thread and had all three of these tags sewn on in less than ten minutes. One stitch per side, knotted in the back and boom. What a difference!


You can even fold them over and add them to hats ... I see knitters everywhere doing this and gives your hat a super cool look.

Definitely head over to Dutch Label Shop right now and check out all of the possibilities, like these cardstock hang tags, sizing tags and labels in tons of colors and different sizes. Enter the coupon code "jengeigley15" (all lower case) at checkout to receive 15% off your purchase! You're sure to find the perfect tag or label for you. (Have fun!)