Della Q Millie Roll Top Project Bag / by jen geigley

Check out this GORGEOUS knitting/project bag. (I'm a little bit obsessed. I feel like it's the perfect bag for me!) It's called the Millie Roll Top Bag by Della Q and it's a knitter's dream.

I recently had the chance to try out a Millie Roll Top Bag, and the funny thing is that my husband Bo (who has a million outdoorsy hobbies ... kayaking, off-road unicycling, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc.) recognized the genius design of this bag before I did! The Millie Roll Top Bag is fashioned after a kayaking dry bag. So of course, Bo immediately said 'Your knitting bag is like my kayak dry bag!' YES. Yes, it is. And it makes so much sense! Knitters need cool, functional gear, too.

It's a simple and modern design with no fuss – no zippers or buttons to mess with. The fabric is super soft and just slippery enough that your yarn won't get fuzzy while you carry it around. My striped bag is the 'Cedar' colorway but you should definitely check out the other colors and prints here.

The bag itself is 15 x 18.25 inches, which is perfect. And the band at the top allows you to roll down the top of your bag to whatever size you need it to be, depending on the size of your project.

Then you just tie the two straps! Totally functional and extremely cute.

So yes – this is my new favorite knitting bag and you'll definitely see me carrying it around a lot. Check out Della Q's demonstration video below and find all of her fantastic bags, knitting needle/crochet hook cases and more right here. Also, you can follow her on Facebook here.