I'm not lost / by jen geigley

im not lost tag

Here in Iowa, the temps are dropping, the snow is falling and the storm is hitting. Knitters are knitting and everyone's seems to be staying in and trying to stay cozy. Just a few days ago, our furnace went out and our family huddled around our fireplace. It was fixed soon enough, but it just took a minute for us all to think about all the people out there who don't have heat or a fire or a warm place to huddle.

Today, a friend asked me for the PDF file for these 'I'm not lost' tags I made a few years ago. I made them after I saw photos from a Ottawa-based knitting group who had been scarf-bombing and hat-bombing their city with hand-knits left behind for anyone who needed them to find. A tiny hand-knit act of kindness. Scarfs tied to trees and posts and benches. What a great excuse to use up some of your stash or put your extra knits to good use.

If you would like to print out some of these tags too, you can download them HERE.

Happy holidays and warm wishes to you! Stay cozy.