Stour – a Rowan cardigan by Martin Storey / by jen geigley

Last weekend, I finished up this ultra cozy cardigan and I already can't wait for cooler weather so I can wear it all of the time. The pattern is 'Stour' by Martin Storey and I knitted it using Rowan Brushed Fleece, which is a gorgeous, warm, lightweight wool that's extremely soft (and not itchy whatsoever.) You have to feel it to believe it.

'Stour' is technically a mens' cardigan, but I really wanted to knit something for myself that was a little bit oversized and easy to throw on. I made the smallest size (which I believe was a 38" chest) and it's really quite perfect.

I fell in love with this hazel-green color (called 'Moor') as soon as I saw it on the shade card. I can see myself throwing this on over practically anything in my closet. I took my time with this cardigan (because I was busy finishing projects for my book) but it really didn't take long at all to knit. Quick knits are my favorite!

I'm totally in sweater mode right now; I have two projects (for myself) that I want to cast on next and can't decide which one to do first. But I also have a sweet little sweater pattern picked out for Bowie. So maybe I'll start with that.

What are you making this fall? If you can decide what to knit right now, check back soon for WEEKEND knit along details – it's going to be fun!