TEN years of blogging (and a new website) / by jen geigley

HELLO, lovely friends and dear readers. This is my first post in my new digs, here on my new website. (Just a heads up – my new website can be found at jengeigley.com but my blog can still be found at heyjenrenee.com. No need to update your blog reader – it all points to the same place.)

I am loving this new space. And I hope you'll take a quick look around, because I've got some big news to share. More on that soon.

But let's just take a moment, dear friends, to reminisce. Until right this very moment, I have been blogging on Blogger. For the past ten years. TEN years. And a lot of you have been in the blog game for just as long. My first blog post was in 2005. The world was a completely different place, and so much has happened in the last decade. The cool thing is I've met dozens of most excellent online friends over the years, and some of you have been reading all this time. (I heart you.)

Basically, that makes 2015 our ten year friendiversary.

We've watched each other move to new cities and have been there, virtually, for all sorts of fantastic life events. We've seen each other through the tough times too and no matter where we all live, here we are. Connected through this weird and wonderful online universe. Thank you to all of my online pals. Thank you to whoever is reading this right now.

Happy friendiversary/blogiversary my friends. Old or new, I'm just glad you're here.  (And if you are here, please say 'hi' so I can say 'hi' back!)