Week 1: Weekend Knit Along / by jen geigley


The first week in October is behind us and we're already off and running with the Weekend Knit Along. So many people have already made a ton of progress, so I wanted to share a few of their pics.


Emily and her cat, Rick, are knitting 'Minnie', a hooded scarf in Mint Tuff Puff yarn from Knit Picks. (Cat helpers are the best helpers.)


My pal Kayanna is knitting 'Sliver' with WATG Crazy Sexy Wool in this gorgeous red. I do love a red hat! Kayanna just opened a new store, Stitch Together Needle Arts Studio, in Cedar Rapids, IA! I can't wait to visit next month. :)


Ena knitted her son this Distortion and Feedback set, and I adore how she did the accent stitches! So cool (and such a cute kid.)


TheThingsSheMade is starting out on her 'Undone' sweater!

Amy is working on her 'Undone' as well in this awesome purple color of Maxi Wool from Erika Knight. (Plus coffee ... very necessary.)


Erica is knitting an army green 'Undone.'

Nichole has finished a 'Feedback' cowl in hot pink and gray Tuff Puff from Knit Picks, and she's started knitting 'Minnie' and may also knit 'Distortion'! This girl is ambitious (and a very speedy knitter.)


And last but not least, Sarah is completely finished with her 'Undone', knit in Spud & Chloë Outer in Carbon. It's so good, so perfect! (And she knitted it so quickly!)


It's not too late to join us! The Weekend KAL lasts the entire month of October, so there's plenty of time to jump in. For more info on how to join, click HERE. Knit on, my friends.