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We're also passionate about creating inspirational and desirable handknit design. Although our designs reflect the fashion trends of the time they have become classics, with designs of the past still being worn today.

phase of the moon is the shape of the illuminated (sunlit) portion of the Moon as seen by an observer on Earth. The lunar phases change cyclically as the Moon orbits the Earth, according to the changing positions of the Moon and Sun relative to the Earth. The Moon and the Earth are tidally locked, therefore the same lunar surface always faces Earth. This face is variously sunlit depending on the position of the Moon in its orbit. Therefore, the portion of this hemisphere that is visible to an observer on Earth can vary from about 100% (full moon) to 0% (new moon). The lunar terminator is the boundary between the illuminated and darkened hemispheres. Aside from some craters near the lunar poles such as Shoemaker, all parts of the Moon see around 14.77 days of sunlight followed by 14.77 days of "night" (the "dark side" of the Moon is a reference to radio darkness, not visible light darkness).


Wenlan founded Twinkle after her handmade chunky knit sweaters caught the eyes of stylish New Yorkers on the street as she strode to class at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her ability to combine advanced knitting with fashion forward ideas made the craft hot again. Originally trained in the arts, Wenlan draws all of her own patterns for both her home and fashion collections. Young Hollywood has fallen in love with Wenlan’s arty ingénue look, whose roster of trendsetting admirers includes Mischa Barton, Maggie Gyllenhall, Kate Hudson and Scarlett Johanssen. In 2000, Wenlan rounded out her knitwear with a complete ready-to-wear collection that comes to life each season on the New York fashion week runways. In 2004 Wenlan expanded to a sought-after accessory line.