Lo's lunches
I haven't posted lunch/bento pics in awhile, but this is what they're looking like lately. I've bento bentos
7 days of bento on a plate
bento bentos This past week, I've been practicing with my bento supplies. Little Lo starts Kindergarten in the 7 days of bento on a plate yet, but soon enough. So here we go again ... bento on a plate. (You can see more lunches like this here and check out the supplies I use here.)
bento love
hone my bento skills. Thanks to Wendy for the fantastic ideas. bento love bentos the best part of bento lunches are the super cool containers. And supplies/accessories. (all photos bento and actually has me excited for preschool days and packing lunches. Wendy has been documenting bento lunches made for her son for a year now on her blog. (More than 175 lunches and she photographed Wishing Wendy (Wendolonia) a happy one year bento-versary! She has pretty much been my intro to
a week in bentos
bentos to fill that lunch box right up to the top. I have been using my smaller bento boxes more often, and a week in bentos
last week in bentos
bentos last week in bentos
the bento drawer
bentos the bento stash. Because the bento stash had grown a little out of control. But I wanted to use this drawer. To break it down, in case you're interested, here are my most-used must-have bento supplies the bento drawer cutters. I love seeing other people's bento collections and how they organize everything. How do you do it?
the bento drawer
bentos the bento drawer
kindergarten: the lunch
also great lunch-prep practice for me. I learned my bento-packing skills from my friend Wendy. I've bentos awesome Skip Hop bento mealtime set are super hard to open. Even for me! Bummer.) I made it into a game container of fruit or carrot sticks or cheese/crackers. I also really like the small-sized bento boxes with whole 'let me help you with that' thing. And I plan on using a bunch of different plastic bento
(it's okay to) play with your food
bentos This is something I like to call bento on a plate. It probably doesn't even qualify as 'real' bento playdates more often. And I love reading bento blogs; my very favorite is written by my pal Wendy, so if
fun with bento
bento cabinets so I can sort and reorganize. Which reminded me that while I've posted some of my past bento-ish you're curious about bento, here are the supplies I've stocked up on. First, the little things. In the one of those really elaborate Hello Kitty bentos, like these. Umm, someday? And finally, two new bento fun with bento lunch plates in the past, I've never really shared what was in my bento stash. Like, the tools. If definitely check out two of my favorite bento blogs ... Wendolonia and Adventures in Bentomaking
my first Kindergarten bentos
my first Kindergarten bentos bento bentos everyday bento bento boxes
egg shapes
to read more bento posts? Click here to see my attempts at Phineas and Ferb/Hello Kitty bentos from bento bentos last year, or here for all my other bento posts ... including some pics of teeny-tiny preschool Lo eating bentos on a plate. ** -boiled eggs give me a super good excuse to put my egg shapers to use. If you're into the bento thing School lunch days are coming up, which means back to bento! Over the summer, Lo has taken a liking
Bento: the basics
bento supplies right here ... and a few things that I bought over the years and haven't used very often Bento: the basics If you've been following me on Instagram, you might already know the bento is back! This year I'm bento harry potter bento star wars bento ! This year, Cat and Jack for Target came out with bento boxes (yay) and lunch bags (double yay) and I mario bento you're set! Sometimes these fit better inside bento boxes than a regular square sandwich too. (FInd . Find the baran/dividers here.) The most adorable and irresistible bento accessory in the world are bentology
Everyday Bento winner!
bento everyday bento Everyday Bento winner! It's Monday and the sun is shining and it's time to choose a winner of the Everyday Bento giveaway
Everyday Bento + a giveaway!
bentos for adults. All in all, there are 50 bento box ideas inside ... plus tips and ideas for so girl was super choosy and in an attempt to help her branch out and try new foods, I turned to bento. I supplies to buy. Magic. Every bento lunch I've made ever since has been inspired by Wendy. Through the bento Everyday Bento + a giveaway! everyday bento did the usual Googling (this was pre-Pinterest) and found lots of complex bento box ideas ... mostly fun, but yikes. And that was when I stumbled upon Wendolonia. Aha! Approachable, doable bento for Everyday Bento: 50 Cute and Yummy Lunches to Go bento boxes
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