CHROMA: Knit in color


'CHROMA' is a collection of 7 hAND-KNit patterns, knit in full color.


Knitting needles are your paintbrushes; yarn is your paint. Dip into your stash and unearth all your unused, hoarded treasures … remainders and reminders of old projects and scraps that were too good to throw away. This collection is going to put all of your beautiful leftovers to good use.

I have to admit, I truly love a good neutral. In my past knitting publications, I have used lots of wonderful hues of gray, brown, black and white. But lately, something inside me couldn’t resist the exploration of intense, saturated color. True greens and blues; the juxtaposition of indigo next to yellow. I visited museums and was inspired by pop art, contemporary art, cubism and abstract expressionism. The wild color combinations would vibrate. They put a smile on my face and they made me want to knit in color.

Color can make you feel different things. Paul Klee once said “Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” My hope is that you’ll have fun knitting the patterns in this collection and knit something you might not ordinarily knit. Look to art for color inspiration – the works of Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, Wassily Kandinsky and Claes Oldenburg are great places to start.

Choose colors that speak to you. Collect bits of yarn from your stash or from friends. Create your own color palettes. What are your favorite colors? What color combinations have you never used before, but have always wanted to try? This is your chance and the yarn is your paint. Create something that is entirely colorful; entirely you.

Jen Geigley lives, knits and creates in Des Moines, Iowa with her husband and two children. Known for her clean, modern designs, Jen has an appreciation for simple knits that are easy to wear. Her designs have been published in Vogue Knitting Magazine, Knit Simple Magazine, Noro Magazine, Knitsy Magazine, Love of Knitting Magazine, Rowan’s Online Publications and she has self-published knitwear patterns on Ravelry since 2010. She has written and self-published knitting pattern books including Weekend, Everyday, Visions, Visions Kids and Luna. Jen is passionate about sharing her love of knitting by teaching knitting classes to adults and children at local schools and workshops and loves to knit with her daughter. Originally trained in the arts, she creates her own sketches, illustrations, schematics and graphic design work. In her spare time, she enjoys watching Quentin Tarantino movies, traveling, going to concerts and listening to all kinds of music.


Order your hard copy of 'CHROMA' + a free digital copy for $16 + shipping. Hard copies of 'CHROMA' are paperback with a soft matte finish on the cover. Gorgeously photographed, this 74-page 7 pattern collection will look fantastic on your knitting resource shelf or your coffee table. Look for the PDF download link (for your electronic copy of the book) in your confirmation email.


RAVELRY – PDF ebook + PDF individual patterns

I have also listed each individual pattern for sale on Ravelry, along with the full PDF ebook.


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